Net Leases vs. Gross Leases

Leasing Primer:  Net Leases vs Gross Leases Sometimes it’s not clear what the tenant pays for.  This article discusses the difference between net leases and gross leases. Click here to read the Article

Commencement Date Issues

Focus on Leasing:  Commencement Date Issues When does a lease start and when do the tenant’s obligations start.  The answer to such questions may not be as clear as you think. Click to read the article.

Substantial Completion

Construction Issues:  Substantial Completion In construction matters, close enough counts.  This article discusses the concept of “substantial completion” in real estate transactions. Click to read the article.

Corporate Counsel Magazine: Mergers & Acquisitions

Hidden Real Estate Traps Considering the potential liability and delays in closing that can arise if the real estate component of the transaction is not properly handled, companies would be wise to work with experienced real estate attorneys to avoid these hidden issues. Click to read this article.

Defense Contractors & Leasing Issues

Your Best Defense. Defense contractors often lease space because of a focused business decision – a contract award or similar market-driven event. Whether it’s office space, a warehouse or factory, defense contractors have special requirements and are best served by an experienced team of skilled brokers and real estate attorneys aware of their needs and… Continue reading Defense Contractors & Leasing Issues

Medical Office Leasing Issues

Sometimes you need a Specialist. Your medical practice is different from a typical business office. So it follows that your lease should be different than a typical office space lease as well. Many potential pitfalls can be avoided with proper planning and the help of experienced professionals. Click to read this article.

Small Tenant Lease Negotiations

Negotiating Strategies for Startups, small tenants and non-profits. Startups, small tenants and non-profits can successfully negotiate several key leasing issues that materially improves the terms of their office space leases. Click to read this article.