Assets or Stock

When buying a business, the buyer could purchase the company’s assets or the owner’s equity interest in the business. There are significant advantages and disadvantages to consider. Click here to read the Article.

Temporary Shutdowns

The government may shut down but can you? Retail leases often require a tenant to continuously operate its business. Make sure you understand the key issues. Click to read the Article.

What Dangers Lurk Below

What Dangers Lurk Below? Neighborhoods change.  The fast food restaurant or bank on the corner today may have been the location of a gas station in years past. Prior environmental remediation offers no guaranty against future problems. Make sure you understand the dangers that lurk below. Click to read the Article.

Net Leases vs. Gross Leases

Leasing Primer:  Net Leases vs Gross Leases Sometimes it’s not clear what the tenant pays for.  This article discusses the difference between net leases and gross leases. Click here to read the Article

Commencement Date Issues

Focus on Leasing:  Commencement Date Issues When does a lease start and when do the tenant’s obligations start.  The answer to such questions may not be as clear as you think. Click to read the article.

Substantial Completion

Construction Issues:  Substantial Completion In construction matters, close enough counts.  This article discusses the concept of “substantial completion” in real estate transactions. Click to read the article.